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North America

  #Somalia: Somali Ambassador to the U.S.  Vacant until appointment

 Offfice of Somali Special Envoy to the United States of American

Somali Mission to the United Nations His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Elmi Du'ale


  Embassy of the Republic in Italy Ambassador H.E. Gen. Muse Hassan Saiyd Abdulle


Geneva on Monday August 32015,  The Newly Appointed Somali Ambassador H.E. Fadumo Isaniya to the Switzerland and UN Geneva arrives in Switzerland.

Xafiiska Guddoomiyaha Golaha Shacabka's photo.

Somali Embassy in Switzerland & The United Nations Ambassador H.E. Yusuf Mohamed Ismail "Baribari" http://www.switzerland.somaligov.net/

  Somali Embassy in the United Kingdom His Excellency Ambassador Abdillaahi Mohamed Ali  http://www.uk.somaligov.net

  Somali Embassy in Turkey Ambassador His Excellency Nur Sheikh Hamud Mursal  http://www.turkey.somaligov.net

  Somali Embassy in Denmark No Ambassador http://www.denmark.somaligov.net

  Embassy of the Republic in Germany Ambassador H.E. Mohamud Mohamed Tifow http://www.germany.somaligov.net/ 

  Ir a la página de inicio de la-moncloa.esSomali Embassy in Spain Ambassador Ambassador H.E. Sidow Hassan Hussein http://www.spain.somaligov.net 

  Embassy of the Democratic Republic in Russia Ambassador H.E. Mohamed Mohamud Handulle http://www.russia.somaligov.net

  Somali Embassy in Sweden No Ambassador  http://www.sweden.somaligov.net

  Somali Embassy in France No Ambassador http://www.france.somaligov.net

  The Embassy of the Republic in Finland Ambassador His Excellency Ambassador Ali Qasim http://www.finland.somaligov.net

The Embassy of the Republic in Turkey Ambassador H.E. Hilal Mohamed Adan http://www.turkey.somaligov.net

The Embassy of the Republic in Brussels & The European Union His Excellency Ambassador Ali Said Faqi 


  Embassy of the Republic of Somalia in Malaysia His Excellency Ambassador H.E. Nur Farah Hirsi http://www.malaysia.somaligov.net

Somali Embassy in United Saudi Arabia Ambassador H.E. ISSA ALI MOH'ED   http://www.uksa.somaligov.net

Somali Embassy in the People's Republic of China Ambassador H.E. Yusuf Hassan Ibrahim (Yusuf Dheg) http://www.china.somaligov.net

  Embassy of the Republic of Somalia in Egypt His Excellency Ambassador H.E. Abdullahi Hassan http://www.egypty.somaligov.net/

  Somali Embassy in India Ambassador H.E. Ms. Ebyan Ladane http://www.india.somaligov.net

Embassy of the Republic of Somalia in Indonesia His Excellency Ambassador H.E. Mohamed Olow Barow http://www.indonesia.somaligov.net
Tel. 021-8311506. webmaster@somaligov.net/somalirep_jkt@yahoo.com

  Somali Embassy in Kuwait His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Abdulkadir Sheikh Amin http://www.kuwait.somaligov.net

  Somali Embassy in United Arab Emarates His Excellency Ambassador Ahmed Mohamed Igal  http://www.uae.somaligov.net

Somali Embassy in Syria No Ambassador  http://www.syria.somaligov.net

  Embassy of the Republic of Somalia in Pakistan His Excellency Ambassador Abdulkadir Amin  http://www.pakistan.somaligov.net

  Embassy of the Republic of Somalia in Qatar His Excellency Ambassador  http://www.qatar.somaligov.net

  Embassy of the Republic of Somalia in Qatar His Excellency Ambassador General Ismail Kasim Naji http://www.yemen.somaligov.net/

  Embassy of the Republic of Somalia in Oman His Excellency Ambassador Hassan Mohamed Siyad Barre wwww.oman.somaligov.net

  Ambassador H.E. Jamal Mohamed Hassan is the Somali Ambassador to Kenya & The UN Habitat http://www.kenya.somaligov.net

Embassy of the Republic of Somalia in Libya His Excellency Abdiqani Mohamed Wacays http://www.libya.somaligov.net 

Embassy of the Republic of Somalia in Djibouti Ambassador H.E. Ambassador Abdirahman Gulwade http://www.djibouti.somaligov.net/

Embassy of the Republic of Somalia in Sudan  His Excellency Ambassador Mohamed Mo'allim http://www.sudan.somaligov.net


  THE EMBASSY OF THE  REPUBLIC OF SOMALIA IN TANZANIA  His Excellency Ambassador Siad Ahmed Nur http://www.ethiopia.somaligov.net

THE EMBASSY OF REPUBLIC OF SOMALIA IN EGYPT  & PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE TO THE LEAGUE OF ARAB STATES  His Excellency Ambassador Abdullah Hassan http://www.egypty.somaligov.net/

  South Africa Flag south af

THE EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOMALIA IN SOUTH  Somali Ambassador to South Africa H.E. Sayid Xassan Shariif Abdullahi on January 30, 2013

  THE EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOMALIA IN SOUTH SUDAN His Excellency Ambassador Abdirahman Nur Mohamed "Dinari"